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Running indoors just became a game. Virtual running is now available on the Forerunner 245 series, Forerunner 945 and just recently the fenix 6 series as well (6, 6S and 6X including Pro and Sapphire models)

Do you want to run in Zwift Run with a Garmin watch ? Good news, because it is now possible to activate the new Virtual Run profile on the 245 and 945 Garmin GPS watches that allows you to send cadence and pulse data to Zwift Run, without the need for an external pedometer or extra sensors.

The way it works is Garmin will now broadcast both your current heart rate but also your current pace (speed) and cadence over the standard Bluetooth Smart device protocols/standards. This is currently released for the FR245 & FR945 watches. No word on whether it’ll hit other watches, though DCRainmakers guess would be we’ll soon see it on the Fenix 6 units. We wouldn’t expect other older watches to get it.

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