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Going the distance! Fitletic’s ergonomic design revolutionises the way you carry your hydration! Worn low on your hips, this belt contours your body to eliminate bounce and allows for single-handed access of bottles.

Front-carry design provides great stability for one-handed bottle retrieval and replacement. The squeeze bottles are great for drinking without stopping.  You don’t have to do anything to open it; you just aim at your tonsils and squeeze.

After trying a couple of different hydration belts, most were too tight, or too lose, hard to get to fit nice etc. This one seems to have overcome all those issues using neoprene and a very solid clip to keep it all together. Fully adjustable as well, this is made for long term use.

  • Upgraded enlarged pouch now fits iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, & other large phones
  • Two quick-draw bottle holsters with two 6 oz (175 ml) bottles
  • Bottles feature quick-flow race caps for single-handed use (*Carbonated liquids may cause leakage)
  • BPA free/dishwasher safe
  • Bungee cord loops over the bottle caps keep bottles secure—no falling out
  • Two exterior energy gel loops for on-the-fly access
  • Silicone grippers eliminate bounce
  • Integrated bib toggles for race day
  • Our exclusive Dura-Comfort Technology ensures no bouncing, riding up, or chaffing
  • Water resistant neoprene keeps items safe from sweat & light rain
  • Interior Pocket to secure ID /Cash
  • Ultra Soft Dual-Adjust Waist belt
  • Reflective accents for high visibility

Just purchased this hydration belt, first thing I notice is the weight, it feels so light. The bottles seem to be able to slide in and out easy, with an elastic loop to lock them in as well. I will go for a run in the weekend to see what it is like to rin with, and report back. First impressions tho, is extremely well made.

Why I like this product:

  • Rubber nubs on the side panels (where the bottles go) ensure the belt stays put, and does not try to crawl around.
  • Center zip pouch can accommodate a large smartphone (like a Galaxy S5), and the neoprene keeps everything both snug and dry.
  • Belt can be customised with Fitletic’s add-on hydration pouches (to give it enough range for long runs) and add-on phone pouch.

How best to use it:
Marketing photos always show the pouch in front, but it can be carried with the buckle in front and the pouch in the rear (on the rear?).

Update: 24th August:
Well, went for a 15km run over the weekend. Filled both water bottles up, put my iPod in the zip pocket and off we went. After about 6km, grabbed one of the bottles out, very easy to unclip from the belt, quick squirt and all refreshed – talk about simple. Also easy to get back in, got the loops back over the top fine. By the time I completed the run, I had finished one bottle – Overall, the weight is nothing to worry about, and the belt sits very nice. I really did not notice it for pretty much the whole 1 hour 30 minutes running, which to say I was very impressed with

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