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Well, with the Queenstown Marathon just around the corner now, all this hard work I am hoping is going to start to pay off in just 11 days now.

We went for a trail style run last weekend at Bottle Lake Forest, taking the forest roads from the main carpark through to Spencer Park, then finding our way back to the main car-park trying to aim for 15km that day.

Starting at 10am was not too bad, the only real complaint was the heat, while it was great in the shade, when we were out in the full sun, the heat was not nice. I always run with my LifeBEAM Smart Hat on, which protects my head/face from most of the rays, but I managed to get a nice burnt neck that day, lesson learned and now have sun screen in the car to apply before running.

We made it through 14km, found the heat a real pain, but one of the other main things to try out there was the hydration side of things and gels as well. I had purchased some Leppin Squeezy Energy Gel (grape flavour), and they also included a pack of Jelly Belly Sport Beans as well. The gel was purchased on the recommendation of someone that uses that as well, and with any new product like this you are trying, it is best to give it a shot before you big day.

We took one just before starting the run, then the second squeezy about 45 minutes into the run, by the time we got to the 14km mark, I still felt like I had the energy to carry on running no problem at all.

I think for the half marathon, it will be one before the run, one at 45 minutes, and another about 1:30 into the run to keep those energy stores going.

One of the biggest parts with running any distance is the mind games your head plays, I find that you keep thinking you can’t make it, when in reality you can.

Leading up to this run in Queenstown, we would have nailed through well over 400km since June 2015 building up for this. We still pop out the 3/5km runs, but also throwing some of the larger ones in there as well, like the Running in Timaru we did not long ago.

Back in August I popped out a 15km run in an hour 30, which I feel I could do a lot better at now as well, my best time for 10km is 55 minutes, which if I can keep anywhere near that up, I “should” be in for approx 2 hours in Queenstown.

With 11 days now to go until Queenstown, I am really looking forward to the experience and seeing how it all goes there.

The plan I have been using is:


  • Early Morning – Complex Carbs for Breakfast – Baked Beans on Wholegrain Toast
  • 500ml – 750ml Water
  • Banana

This is 3 hours prior to the event


  • Gels – 1 Before Race, then 45 Minutes in, and each 30-45 minutes from there
  • Make sure you test them before race day
  • You will aim to go through 2-3 gels in total


  • During Race, note where the drink stations are on the course.
  • Carry small amount of water on hydration belt
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