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There is an old adage that states – if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

This is something that is very applicable to the sports watch industry, due to an influx of what are commonly referred to as Grey Market Sellers.

The following active online sellers are considered to be Grey Market Sellers and are not recognised by Garmin;

Dick Smith Electronics NZ
Dick Smith Electronics Australia
Expansys New Zealand
Parallel Imported New Zealand

Fitness New Zealand will not price match against any Grey Market Seller.

These are unauthorised sellers who acquire their product through illegitimate avenues. Often these products will be sold with one-year warranties, rather than the FULL AU/NZ manufacturer’s warranty. This allows them to sell their products at a discounted price.

So why not buy from a Grey Market seller if their prices will save you money?

Well, in the long run, they will more likely end up costing you MORE.

In regards to warranty - the Grey Market product cannot simply go back to Garmin NZ, but instead be repaired by an unaccredited person with the lowest quality parts. If the seller then went out of business, you would not be covered at all. When a seller is not authorised to sell the product (you can find this out by searching the manufacturer’s website), you are likely purchasing inauthentic, fake or stolen goods.
Most Grey Market Sellers will provide you with a their own, if you do have to return your watch you may be liable for high return fee's and where possible import duties and taxes this is due to most Grey Market Sellers not residing in New Zealand.

Are grey imported goods different?

Sometimes, YES. For example, Garmin’s genuine New Zealand/Australian watches are typically loaded with localised content such as mapping that suits our region. Grey imported goods will NOT come with local mapping or content specific for our region, and is a common trap that we unfortunately hear about quite often.

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