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“I have been pleasantly surprised and in fact wowed with the new Garmin Enduro. With any new Garmin, its always fun setting them up, and with the familiarity of the 6X, it didn’t take long to have personalised to my settings and ready to go. Taking it out of the box on Wednesday and giving it its first full charge, I thought 28 days battery life that showed on the screen was pretty cool. What made me smile more was that following two days of training using full features, the solar function had actually pushed my battery life up to 42 days. At the end of the weekend, after 9+ hours of using it training from first charge, the battery is showing 35 days left. Seriously cool! What sets this watch apart? Not only the battery life, but the strap. So when I first saw it, I wasn’t entirely convinced – I personally love big meaty chunky watches, coming from wearing the 6X and Garmin Tactix Delta.

The Velcro webbing strap on the Enduro does minimise the chunky look despite the fact the watch itself is the same size as the 6X, but in fact, the webbing strap makes its really super comfortable.

Being able to set it to the unique size of your wrist means it sits snuggly and hasn’t moved about one bit. Of course, if I wanted to change the strap, it’s a simple switch with one of the many Garmin coloured straps available, but I don’t think I will be doing that any time soon. Finally, the screen seems that much clearer than other Garmin's I have worn. Perhaps the fine green accent colour around the inside of the glass helps accentuate the screen, but in all honesty, it’s a pretty sexy beast that cries “look a me!”. I’m really excited to test the battery life over coming days and weeks, as I continue to prepare for a few long distance races

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