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ENGO Blister Patches are a great way to help prevent blisters on your feet. People who have tried Body Glide/Foot Glide swear by ENGO after they have tried these.

Fitting ENGO Blister Patches

Easy to Apply

  1. Trim to fit. Trim your patch with scissors if you need a different size or shape.
  2. Make sure your shoe is clean and dry. You'll apply adhesive side of ENGO patch to desired location of clean, dry footwear. ENGO may last longer when anchored to a surface. For example, wrapping patches around the edge/sides of the insole.
  3. Put the patch in your shoe. Remove the rest of the backing and stick the patch in place. If blisters form where the shoe and insole come together, use two patches; place one patch on the shoes and the other on the insole. That way you'll create smooth interface and fully protect the target area.
  4. Press firmly on the entire patch to secure. To protect remaining patches and preserve their quality, store your unused patches in the resealable ENGO bag that they came in.
  5. Get back to doing what you love. Enjoy running, walking, hiking, sports, and exercising!

How ENGO Patches Work

Unlike traditional blister bandages, ENGO patches are applied to footwear or athletic equipment – not to the skin. They use a patented technology to provide immediate relief from the friction that causes blisters.

ENGO Patches are a low-friction patches with a strong, durable adhesive. Simply peel off your ENGO patch from the backing and stick it where your shoe is rubbing your foot.

"'I'm a regular runner. I used to get these truly heinous blisters on the arches of my feet from where my foot rubbed against the edge of the footbed liner meeting with the side of the shoe. I was already wearing good moisture-wicking socks, body glide on the contact spots and wide shoes! Finally, I came across these blister prevention patches. I didn't have a lot of faith that they would work, but they really do! I don't get blisters in those spots anymore."

People using the ENGO Blister Patches all over the world go on about how good these work. All these people cannot be wrong!

ENGO blister patches
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