the GARMIN specialist

Review by Sam Cullimore
The Garmin Enduro titanium watch is hands down my favourite watch to date.

The titanium model is light enough to use every day without noticing, and when combined with the incredible battery life, it really does become a day-to-day watch. The capabilities of the watch are brilliant and despite my early concerns, I am now glad the watch is not touch screen.

The five buttons give easy control, and the lack of touch screen means the watch does not change unexpectedly or in the wet. The watch tracks exercise well, and all of the features work as expected. In smart watch mode I have found the solar charging to be sufficient to maintain charge, and if the watch does run down, it charges very rapidly when plugged in.

The vibration is much stronger than by previous watch (forerunner 630), making it much easier to feel notifications when running. The weather app available on the watch appears to be reasonably accurate and is an easy way of keeping track of what is happening.

Overall, I am stoked with my Enduro watch and would recommend.

Garmin Enduro - Titanium GPS Sportwatch
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