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Not sure why, but at the moment I am really enjoying the hill running, first thing in the morning after having a banana is a great way to start your day off in the weekend.

Here in Christchurch we have best of all the worlds, if we want to go run trail, we can go to McLeans Island, or Burwood Forest, for flat running then pick any spot especially Hagley Park, but anywhere you choose and you have your track, but then if you want to increase your running performance and/or fitness, then head towards the Port Hills – there you have many tracks to choose from.

I have recently been working my way along the top of the hills, branched out from The Sign of the Kiwi to the right towards Allendale and the left as well right out to Godley Head (on the Boulder Bay Walkway track and Summit Road)

This gives you a good track to get your up’s and down’s on – while not being too steep to really kill the legs as well.

One that was done last weekend was from the Sign of the Kiwi to Rapaki, then down the track to Centaurus Road – distance was only 10k, but the workout felt great.

Elevation gain was 106m – and the week before we did the other end of the summit:

The whole aim of this (well 2 parts) is #1 – improve my fitness and hill work, especially with the upcoming Buller Half Marathon, and secondly is to try to make all the lines join each other along the top of the hills.

The difference from when I first started hills to now is very noticeable with the ability to just keep going uphill, whereas earlier on I was really struggling to do that.

I aim to get started nice and early as well, as once the sun is beating down it really does not take too long at all to overheat and start to dehydrate very fast. I personally hate running in the heat when on the road/sealed surface as the heat seems to radiate straight back at you making you feel even hotter. I find that wearing the Nathan Mercury 2 Bottle Hydration Belt is great for carrying the water, and a cell phone, some extra gels as well and some cash – never know when you might make it to a coffee shop somewhere along the way.

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