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Running is a form of exercise that can be done outdoors, or indoors on a treadmill, so it can be done all year round. Running is beneficial not only to the body, but the mind and mood as well. This article outlines four good reasons you should start running.

Running is an activity that is not only good fro the body, but also the mind as well. Running does not need to cost a lot of money to participate in. Running outside means you don't need to purchase any equipment besides a good pair of running shoes.

1: Running benefits the brain: The brain shrinks with age, but running can slow down the ageing process of the brain by creating new blood vessels and nerve cells. Running also helps improve the ability to focus, learn and remember. Mood boosting chemicals in the brain are also released during running, which leads to less stress and a more positive outlook on life and yourself.

2: Running will boost your energy: If you're feeling tired, it may be because you're not moving enough. If you like a sedentary lifestyle, this could be to blame for your feeling of fatigue. Our bodies are meant to move and when they don't circulation slows down, which leads to this low-energy feeling. Ehen you start to run, your body will feel more energised. You don't have to run miles to feel the benefit. Getting your body moving again even at a slow pace will help your energy levels.

3: Running is good for weight control: Running is one of the best calorie burning activities you can participate in. If you're looking to maintain your weight or even lose a few pounds, running may be the perfect exercise for you. In addition to burning calories running will also help strengthen and define your core, strengthen your legs and heart, and improve stamina. Running also boosts your metabolism so you continue to burn calories long after you have stopped running.

4: Running strengthens the lungs: Running requires adequate oxygen, which means the lungs will become stronger and able to hold more than before you started running. Running may even benefit smokers and ex-smokers lungs as well. Getting more oxygen is not only good for the lungs, but also the brain, energy levels, and inflammation.

Many people run to keep the pounds off, but the benefits are numerous. Running can benefit not only your body, but your mind, mood and relationships as well.

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